US-POINTER: U.S. Geriatric Intervention Study to Prevent Cognitive Impairment and Disability (US-POINTER) trial (USA)

World-renowned researchers, under the leadership of Drs. Laura Baker, Miia Kivipelto and Rachel Whitmer, in collaboration with the Alzhiemer’s Association, are initiating efforts to replicate the results of the Finnish trial in the U.S. (to test the generalizability of the FINGER findings in American older adults).

Culturally sensitive measures

This US-POINTER trial will test a 2-year multi-site and community-based multidomain intervention of physical activity, nutritional guidance, cognitive training and social activities, and management of medical co-morbidities. This project will test the generalizability, adaptability, and sustainability of the FINGER findings in the USA. The US-POINTER intervention will incorporate culturally sensitive measures.

As in FINGER, US-POINTER study candidates at high risk for dementia will be identified through primary care and medical records using an algorithm that incorporates age, sex, education level, vascular conditions and other established predictors. Additional information, such as family history of dementia and physical activity level will also be obtained using questionnaires mailed to those who were identified through medical record review. This method of participant selection to identify those at high risk builds on lessons learned from FINGER and more recent research findings.

Geographically diverse

The team is focused on identifying up to five sites located in geographically diverse regions of the U.S., which would each work closely with a selected Alzheimer’s Association chapter to assist with coordination of intervention delivery. To date, Northern California (i.e. the service area of Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division) and North Carolina (i.e. the service area of Wake Forest’s large Accountable Care Organization) have been identified as candidate sites.

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