MYB trial: Maximising technology and methodology for internet prevention of cognitive decline: the Maintain Your Brain (MYB) trial (AUSTRALIA)

The program is based on addressing modifiable risk factors for dementia in general and AD in particular, namely physical inactivity, cognitive inactivity, depression, overweight and obesity, diabetes (type 2), high blood pressure and smoking. Our intervention modules will be customised to individual risk profiles using modified tools developed by our team to assess the risk of developing AD and dementia.

Global program

The aim is to determine the efficacy of a multi-modal targeted intervention delivered on the internet to reduce the rate of cognitive decline in non-demented community dwelling persons aged 55-75 years and in the long-term to delay the onset of dementia. The intervention includes exercise, computerised cognitive training, dietary advice, exercise and diet to alleviate type 2 diabetes and reduce obesity, advice and helplines to stop smoking, advice about reducing alcohol excess and control of blood pressure and cholesterol, internet delivered cognitive behaviour therapy for depression and socialisation starting with internet buddies and virtual groups. The program’s cost-effectiveness will be examined with a view to making this a national and potentially a globally suitable program. We will invite 18.000 people from the 150.000 persons aged 55-75 years who are participants in the 45 and Up Study and meet our eligibility criteria. The 45 and Up Study is a long-term study of over a quarter of million people in NSW who were aged 45 or older when the study was started between 2006 and 2009; they are surveyed every few years.


e-Health is coming of age and will be key to helping people change their lifestyle and maintain these changes. As most people are internet connected we can employ new state-of-the-art tools for internet and mobile device logging of behaviours, tracking of goal achievement, provision of feedback in real time, access to expert help lines and virtual and actual on-line trainers, creation of an online MYB community to offer additional support. We will monitor actual physical activity with mobile devices which sync to movement tracking devices or pedometers in 10% of the sample.

Most outcome measures will be reassessed annually for intervention and control participants. The primary outcomes will be a computerised cognitive testing battery combined score and (over time) dementia incidence.

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