MIND-AD: Multimodal preventive trials for Alzheimer’s Disease: towards multinational strategies (MIND-AD) trial. (SWEDEN, FINLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY)

The goal of the MIND-AD trial is to identify effective prevention strategies for AD/dementia tailored to different risk groups.

Prevention strategies

The project is based on experiences and data from 5 ongoing European intervention studies on AD/dementia prevention, including FINGER (Finland), MAPT (France), PreDIVA (The Netherlands), LiPiDiDiet (Germany, Finland, The Netherlands, Sweden) and HATICE (Finland, France, The Netherlands, Sweden) studies. All these trials are testing the effects of multimodal interventions targeting vascular, dietary, and lifestyle-related risk factors in non-demented older adults.

Multimodal trials

The novel approach consists of multidomain interventions, inclusion of novel models of delivery (e.g. computer-based cognitive training, medical food), critical feedback from trial participants, and synergistic use of data from several European countries with over 10 000 participants. Further, a pilot study will be conducted, in which a multimodal preventive intervention will be tested for the first time in prodromal AD.

The project will generate guidelines for Pan-European multimodal preventive trials across the entire spectrum of the disease. Results from the MIND-AD project will also allow formulating practical recommendations for AD/dementia prevention in community and clinical settings (evidence-based immediate action). Given the current absence of curative treatments for AD, prevention represents the main tool to reduce the disease burden, and results from this project will support decisions about health education and community planning in Europe.

Link: MIND-AD website

Contact persons:
Miia Kivipelto: miia.kivipelto@ki.se
Shireen Sindi: Shireen.sindi@ki.se
Alina Solomon: alina.solomon@ki.se